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by Martin Popoff

So how would you describe it?

"Well, some of it is like psychedelic rock, but real high energy. And then I've got some songs on it that are kind of spacey sounding. How would I describe it? I'm going to get around to figuring out how to describe it some day. Not only is the music intense, but the lyrics are also quite intense. I feel good about the lyrics."

As a keyboardist, and in terms of influences, Stevie leans towards sophistication beyond Bloodrock's often brutish reputation. "Well, what I'm listening to these days is Bill Evans, Errol Garner, Art Tatum, people like that. In the old days, I used to like Jimmy Smith a lot. I was thinking about this, style and whatnot... when I'm taking a solo, I try to have it formalized. I try to make sure that it's just not a bunch of notes and scales and junk like that. I like the whole thing to be broken down into phrases. I guess that's a style too."

Hill agrees Bloodrock is currently closed for business. "That show we did at the... well, let me put it this way, in the last 30 years, we played one job, which was a benefit concert (laughs). In talking with the guys, they're not that interested in doing the Bloodrock thing."

"The .net thing is a fan site," explains Hill, asked about the lack of Bloodrock on the internet right now. "I don't know, my site has been doing great, just because..." are the place!

"Yes (laughs). Well, we had six members and there aren't six websites. I mean, the guys are still playing, but, I don't know, I wouldn't be surprised if just some of the other guys started doing their own websites. It's just kind of interesting. It's really hard to get the guys in the band all on the same page, just because a lot of the guys are loyal to their families. I mean, the ones who have families, they are loyal to them, so they're not really interested in leaving for two months. 'Bye, honey, see you in 60 days' (laughs). I think that's one reason that rock 'n' roll is a young man's game. A lot of people don't realize how much it takes to get everybody interested, and to go through all the rehearsals. It's just not as easy as it looks."

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