BLOODROCK - Stevie Hill Interview Page 4
by Martin Popoff

Despite the serious situation with his health, Stevie is focused on music - in fact, music beyond Avalanche In Reverse. "I just need to be in some kind of minimal health... my health needs to be good enough so that I can keep releasing albums. Because I have at least two more albums of material that hasn't been released."

With these same hotshot players?!

"Yes (laughs). Yes, the playing on it is really good. I'm also thinking of doing a live solo album, because I think I have enough solo tracks, enough material, that I could do a live album and it would be consistently within one style. It wouldn't be too diverse. When we got Warren in the band, we thought it would be cool to have the feel of the material be all over the place (laughs), and I would never do that again. Because what I've learned, the more the writing that is on the album is consistent, it creates more of a chance for people to enjoy it. You stretch too far, and there's always one song on your album that people would just hate."

In closing Hill, brings up another interesting point with respect to his craft... "Engineers are worth what they get paid. I mean, here's one thing I believe about recording - most musicians, rock musicians, have high-end hearing loss. So, anything I'm putting out, I try to get a few people to listen to it that can hear the high end of the recording."

So you want to make sure all the treble is there, and things you arranged at the high end are audible? "Yeah, I want it to sound good to a normal person (laughs)."