Round and Round: Ratt's Bobby Blotzer Speaks Out
By Mitch Lafon

Sometimes you write a story and other times a story writes itself. Tape rolling, Bobby speaks about Ratt, the rumours, the future and Pearcy (a God in his own mind).

"We were going to start the third leg of the Ratt tour in January. Shows were booked, tickets were purchased, ads were run. Everything was in motion and Pearcy does the craziest thing he's ever done. He pulls out of the tour four days before it started because he's crazy and doesn't care. On the last tour, he charged a bunch of money to the band. This isn't highly unusual. Band members would sometimes forget to repay their incidentals: charged plane flights, etc. At the end of a tour, they would be charged back when the money was cut-up/divided. Well, his bill was for $5400. Mine was $800 and Warren's was $1100. When it came time to cut the money, he would not agree that he owed the money, but we were saying 'here's the proof. What do you want to do about it? It's our money you used.' He was freaking and said 'well, then I'm not going to do the tour.'"

"So, we offered to divert the money to the end of this next tour (this was in December), but any monies that come in prior to that will go to your debt. So, a small internet merchandise royalties check comes in and we took his 1400$ or whatever it was and applied it to his debt. He went ballistic. 'You're ripping me off. You're doing business behind my back,' he said. It was just idiotic. It got to the point where we were four days away from the tour and I said 'you know what dude? You're going to f**k us so bad by doing this that I will personally pay your debt. This tour is going to net you between $60,000 to $65,000 and myself and Warren. I would rather pay your five grand or whatever the balance is than f**king blow off promoters and fans. He still didn't give a shit! He basically took a shit on everybody."

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