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By Mitch Lafon

"It's the second time he quit the band and put the band in an absolute disarray of chaos. He did that in 1992 and the shit is still to this day upside down from that. The damage was in the millions of dollars. Warren left right after that. We were going to get another singer, but Warren didn't want to do it. Now, I'm glad he's like 'f**k Stephen! Let's get a new singer and continue.' The new guy is Robert Mason and he kicks ass. We are booking a tour right now. It'll be a three or four major band package deal. But I can't reveal who the other bands are right now."

So, Bobby has Ratt been dropped?

"We did a showcase at the Viper Room in LA for Kalodner/Portrait. Call it what you want, but his position was that he is having a hard time selling bands on that label and that's bands with all their original members! Sony is not funding the label. There's no dough to market any of the bands on Portrait. Kalodner said that, 'to me Robert Mason sings great and as much as I hate Pearcy, this just doesn't feel like Ratt anymore, but if you guys want to change your name and write your record. I'm interested in putting that out.'"

"Warren's and my response was 'NO!' I have twenty years invested in Ratt. Why should I quit now when there's a catalogue of great songs people want to hear? And they will hear them with a singer that sings 'em superior to how Pearcy sang 'em and with more balls. It'll be RATT! Robbie Crane's been in the band going on four years now. So what the f**k? We were out there with just three original members. So, what's the difference? Everybody puts so much emphasis on the lead singer. If Steve Perry from Journey can be replaced and they still fill 16,000 seaters then Pearcy can certainly be replaced. That's the way I feel about it. He was weak anyways, man. His live show was embarrassing to me. Every review on our band said he sucked. I used to say to him 'Dude, if this was me and every review said I sucked. I would be doing something about it. You know you need to get out there and work the crowd.' He never did. He sucked!"

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