Round and Round: Ratt's Bobby Blotzer Speaks Out Page 3
By Mitch Lafon

"Every band that became huge in the '80s did so because they opened for us and were able to steal our crowd with a killer frontman. Jon Bon Jovi did it. Bret Michaels did it. Jack Russell and Warrant did it. All those bands opened for us and their frontmen were twenty times more energetic and all over it than Pearcy even thought of being. I mean granted that maybe it isn't his thing, but he's just an ego-ed, jaded, mean bastard. He's f**king miserable. He was miserable on the last Poison tour. I'm like 'dude, we just played in front of 17,000 people. How can you be miserable?'"

"The year before he was sucking dick for beer money and opening for f**king Manowar in front of 50 people. That's the truth. Every night on that stage, I would literally look up and thank God for giving me this opportunity to be forty years old, kicking ass, playing my drums as good as I'm playing them and being able to make the money we were making. It was fabulous money! To me it was like ok, since '97 we climbed up this ladder. We're back doing amphitheaters, doing killer and getting paid lots of money. It's a business and I'm in it for the business. He blew it. He's just very self-destructive. Anyhow, Kalodner loves Robert Mason, but he felt it would be a tough sell to Sony. He also said we were on our way out with Pearcy because he pulled so many antics on the road, on tour, at radio stations, with record company reps. They were fed up anyway."

What about a new deal for Ratt?

"Ratt has already two record companies that have made substantial offers, but I'm not going to say who they are. First, we're going to tour and get acclaimed with Robert, make some phone bill and gas money, start writing and then come home. We've also got a live album on the burner with Mason. Put his voice to the old songs. As for Pearcy, his new band should be called Moronic, not Nitronic. His web site is absurd. He's selling his old stage gear. He's bootlegging. He's a crazy person and you just can't reason with him."

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