Round and Round: Ratt's Bobby Blotzer Speaks Out Page 4
By Mitch Lafon

But Bobby, would you ever work with him again?

"At this point, I would have to say 'F**K NO!', but it depends. Money talks and I'm not set for life. If at some point something worthwhile was offered... but he'd have to sign on. He's not a partner. Warren and I own the band name. Stephen is not very focused, but I don't wanna get into that because I could get into a slanderous situation. Everybody that has seen him live understands what's going on."

What about Juan and Robyn?

"Neither own part of the Ratt name and I would never want them back. Robyn is fine. He's just living his life and Juan is out of the picture. It's just more comfortable operating the way we are doing business now. Warren and I take care of the business. Robbie Crane is not a partner yet, but he's a very big part of the band."

Finally, what about the "supergroup" for Sony?

"The band's name is Spun and we are signed to Portrait. We signed in December. It's Jack Blades (Night Ranger), Jack Russell (Great White), CC DeVille (Poison) and myself. It stems from some songs that Jack (Russell) and I wrote for the last Ratt record. It looks like we won't be able to start recording until the end of summer. We've already written a bunch of songs and it'll be kickass."

The last Ratt album?

"I love that record. I'm proud of that record. We spent a lot of time and effort on that record and I feel it got buried because of the lack of funds and marketing from the label. However, I have nothing but the greatest respect for Kalodner. The last four months for Ratt have been horrifying. Anyhow, we are heading out on tour in June. It's going to be big shows like Pine Knob. We'll be out six to eight weeks. We hope to write on the road, record in the fall, have a new album out in the spring of 2001 and do a four months tour in the summer. Spun will also tour. I'm just sick of being at home. So, there you have it. The state of affairs of Ratt."

Thanks Bobby! I guess those rumours weren't rumours after all!