BLUE OYSTER CULT: 5 - 2 + 2 = 5. Got it? Page 3
by Martin Popoff

Is he looking to be a pretty permanent fixture?

"We had no reason to look for anybody else."

Bassist Danny Miranda "got an offer he couldn't refuse," says Eric, "to join Miceli in that Queen show."

And Bobby?

"Oh, Bobby had a very good reason. He got an offer he couldn't refuse from a band called The Lizards. I think he wants to get a very big fat paycheck. And I can't blame him. You know, he's got family and sometimes the bottom line is the most important thing. Bobby called me this morning from Sweden. Bobby is like, one of my best friends. And in the seven years or so he was in the band, we got very close. And he said it was the hardest decision he ever had to make, to leave BOC to join the band."

"We hope to," says Bloom, on the subject of a follow-up to Curse Of The Hidden Mirror. "Right now, I mean, I talk to our management daily and they are negotiating with Sanctuary to see what's going on there. So I think we'll know more next week. We're prepared to go into the studio. There are probably a couple months of rehearsal or whatever, first. But there are always tunes. Other than that, I just sang on an album in Italy, that was all done by MP3, kind of interesting. A guy named Chris Catena; he got in touch with me because he's a big fan and sent me a track, and sent me some lyrics. And actually, I went to Danny's house. He has a home recording studio and we did it all in ProTools. And I sent it back to him via the net. It's the way the future. It came out okay. And he was just here in New York; I didn't get to see him, but they're very happy with the way it came out."

Blue Oyster Cult has been putting on very well-received shows with the new guys, and you can catch them sporadically over the next three months - see for more info.

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