BLUE OYSTER CULT: 5 - 2 + 2 = 5. Got it? Page 4
by Martin Popoff

"Gosh, nothing really moldy oldie," says Eric on changes to the set list. "Last year we were doing 'Quicklime Girl', and we're playing 'Perfect Water' now. We basically stay with the tried-and-true but on occasion, we'll play, like, Unknown Tongue or the lesser played songs that it's just fun to play. That was one of the small arguments I used to have with Bobby that got overridden. He said, 'Let's play the same show every night, the best songs we can, so we have a killer show nightly.' And I said, 'Well, that's all well and good, but.." You know, it's obvious we're going to play four or five of the same songs every night. We're going to play 'Cities On Flame', 'Reaper', 'Burnin' For You'... these are the obvious ones. But the rest of the show, sometimes we have to keep our sanity by playing something different. So I always change the set list nightly. We never play the same set two nights in a row."

Might we see an Eric Bloom solo album at some point?

"No, we have no time for that," says Eric. "The next project will be a BOC record of some kind. And that's upcoming, like in the next six months. I don't know if it will be... if Sanctuary is happy with us, or if they have the bucks we need to do it, then that's the way it will be. If there is some sort of fall down on the negotiations, maybe we'll do it in a different way or different place. When it comes out, I have no idea. Because we haven't even talked about it with each other, other than we want to make another record."

As mentioned, people can go to for more info. But you might get a good kick out of as well. "It has some information, you know, on the outside," comments Eric. "And then more for subscribers. I try to keep everything light on my website, so there's a great funny picture of me with the original Star Trek group. I went to the Star Trek Experience at the Hilton in Vegas, three weeks ago. So there's a picture of me on top of Mr. Chekov's shoulders (laughs)."