CHILDREN OF BODOM - Some Hate Is Gonna Roll! Page 3
By Martin Popoff

Besides touring and the new album (already gold in Finland), the band has a greatest hits pack coming out in Japan. As Laiho explains, "Yeah, that's a really weird thing we did, for a f**king best of, which I think is pretty stupid. It's just a compilation of our first three albums but it's the former label we had in Japan so they have the rights to the songs so they can do it. So we're collaborating and they asked if we wanted to do a cover and we thought why the hell not? So it's the same thing we always do if it's not for a tribute album. We just wanted to do something unpredictable and that's why it was Billy Idol ('Rebel Yell'), and we had the Ramones before that."

Finally, on the subject of his paint-stripping vocals, Alexi offers that "I've always said that I'm not a singer; I just know how to scream and that's it; that's what it is. OK, there are melodies here and there, usually in the choruses of the songs. But otherwise, they are more used as a rhythmic instrument, the whole vocal thing. But yes, it does sound pretty angry. I don't know... when I first started getting into death metal and black metal, there was just this aggressive sound to it and that's something I've always been really into. I'm actually not really into any mellow music at all."

As you read this, Alexi and his other band Sinergy should be deep into the writing sessions for their fourth album. "To me it's the kind of band in which I just have a lot of fun playing," sez Alexi. "Because there's this other guitar player and he's awesome; he's such a good guitar player and we do a lot of these double leads. And actually the whole line-up; these guys are great musicians and it's a lot of fun to play with them. It's cool for me for a change to play live where I don't have to sing and where I can just run around and concentrate on playing guitar."