GRAHAM BONNET - The Root Of The Problem With Schenker!
Special Report by Martin Popoff

Esteemed vocal legend Graham Bonnet checks in with BW&BK and offers his apologies with respect to his having to cancel his brief vocal showcase with Michael Schenker at NAMM in Long Beach CA.

"Well, what happened, I went to rehearsal the day before, and at the rehearsal I thought God, my voice feels weird and I just felt very strange. And in fact, what it was was the beginning of my tooth thing; I had this root canal done and it's still hurting now. It's making me feel a bit groggy and sick and it's affecting obviously my throat, because there's an infection in my gum. Anyway, I called up next day, and I just said, 'I'm real sorry, my voice is completely gone, and my energy is gone and I just feel lousy.' I also had a bit of a cold. But I wanted to go to rehearsal, just to turn up, and show that I was willing, in a way. I wanted to show up and show that I was willing to do something. Because no money in it, you know (laughs). It was a freebie. But my speaking voice was completely gone and I called up and I just said I'm so sorry. And I thought, oh, they're going to think it's something else. Oh, he's hungover, he's been taking too many drugs or something."

"You always get that. My reputation hasn't been very good over the years (laughs). I said to my wife, 'They're going to think I'm just kidding.' Anyway, that day, when I canceled rehearsal, she was at home and she started to drive to work and she got sick to and had to come back home from work. So it was kind of going around the house and it's a real illness. And I apologized to Michael's representative and I said, 'I'm so sorry, I just can't do it.' I was willing to do it. It was just one damn song, for Christ sake, no big deal. And anyway, going on with the album thing, she said to me, 'Do you still want to do the album?' And I said 'Sure, yeah! This is just one of those fluke things that happens and I feel really bad about it.' I'm only human (laughs)."

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