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Special Report by Martin Popoff

What has he told you that he wants to do with this anniversary-type album? It sort of keeps changing...

"What I know about it is that I'm just doing one track. I been sent two to choose from and I chose one which is more like the Michael Schenker I remember. The other one I had wasn't the style I remembered from the past, from the one album I did with him. So I picked the first one because it was more like what we used to do. So that's basically it. I first heard that I was going to do the whole thing and then things changed down the line somewhere. I'm a bit in the dark about it myself."

Now do you have to write a lyric for this?

"Well, that's something. In fact, I have to look on my computer today. I've got to download the damn thing. I got the track the other day but I didn't get the vocal line that his singer has made up. As I say, I've got to look today to see if I've got vocal line now. His manager said, 'If you want to do your own thing, do your own thing.' But if it's a reasonable melody and stuff, that's okay with me."

In closing, Graham relates what else is on his plate...

"Well, I'm going to Russia in two weeks, to do a tour for, I think it's about three gigs, so far, which is a new thing for me. Also I've been working with a guy called Dario Mollo in Italy, with a band called Electric Zoo. We were out on tour last year, played all over Europe and England. Probably be doing that again this year. It depends on what else is happening. Because I've been offered a couple things in different countries, to go play with, local bands, I guess you recall them."

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