GRAHAM BONNET - The Root Of The Problem With Schenker! Page 3
Special Report by Martin Popoff

"I've got to go to Finland to play with a Finnish band there, and the Russian thing I'm doing is with a Russian band. But these are people who have all played Rainbow and whatever music and know everything I do. They're like real bands, not like weekend people. Also this Michael thing and some other recording as well, although I can't really remember (laughs). There are a couple of other guys who want me to do albums. Basically I'd like to get out this year and play Europe again, with Dario Mollo and the Electric Zoo guys, or there might be something else happening. I've got to work out what is the most... to bring in the most money, that's one thing (laughs), and which involves less travel (laughs). You know, I like working from home. It's great that you can do things with a small amount of equipment these days. You know, you can record vocals on a laptop, practically! So it's nice to do stuff from home, but I do like playing live. It's just a matter of, like I said, choosing the right gigs. Because, frankly, some of the places we played last year weren't too great, to put it mildly. And things weren't advertised, and people didn't know we were there. 'We just found out on your website, you're playing here!' There was no real advertising done in the cities we were playing."

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