BRAND NEW SIN - Sin City Syracuse Or Bust! Page 3
by Martin Popoff

"There are so many influences in this band, because all of us grew up listening to so much, you know? Some of us are really into the southern rock, obviously, and some of us have a metal background. Our guitar player... some of the bands he played with were really extreme, heavy death metal. Whereas our drummer, he listens to jazz and has come from a ton of different bands. What it comes down to is we've taken everything that was in good in rock 'n' roll from the '70s, the '80s and the '90s, and tried to make it something we could call our own. We're not trying to reinvent the wheel, obviously. We're not trying to do something new and different and innovative. Because, you know, some people say, 'This band isn't doing anything new.' No, we're not trying to. Our purpose is to try to take everything that was cool, add a little bit of what we think is, you know, a little bit of Brand New Sin, and also make it current enough that it stands up as something that is relevant today. We don't want to be too classic-sounding - it's really hard to call. Honestly we get the comparisons to COC and Down and BLS - those are the top three, and that's cool; we're very happy with that. But at the same time, we do sound like them, but we don't. We got our own thing going on, but I guess the biggest reason a lot of people compare us to that is because there's really not... it's so easy for bands like Shadows Fall. There are a lot of bands doing stuff like that out there, i.e. Killswitch Engage, and on the other side of things there's The Strokes and The Vines and The Hives but with us, there are very, very few. People ask, 'What kind of music do you play?' We play rock 'n' roll, plain and simple. There's a little bit of metal in it, a little bit of rock 'n' roll in it. But rock 'n' roll is... EVERYTHING (laughs)."

Check out for more. The .org extension is, of course, meant for non-profit groups. Joe, "traveling in a van with eight guys" would I'm sure, realize the wry aptness of the extension for Brand New Sin's reality thus far. Not for long though... the buzz that has been building for three years now could blow any minute. Hell, if yer new breed of metalhead can choke down Lamb Of God, then Brand New Sin's easy-drinking brewtality should call for gulps by the bucketful.