by Martin Popoff

Left bookend to Velvet Revolver's right, Brides Of Destruction is another one of those supergroups of casualties. But only half of the band are known quantities, that being Nikki Sixx from da Crue and Tracii Guns from L.A. Guns. Elsewhile, there's a rock solid super session drummer named Scot Coogan and a flamboyant hairdresser turned gadabout frontman named London LeGrand. What they've created is a collection of current rock standards that variously and regularly cut a swath through punk, metal and glam.

"Well, I guess it's pretty open to interpretation," opines the larger than most lives Sixx (and I mean that: head, hands, everything... geez). "The thing I always find interesting when people are interested in a band, they may say AC/DC: heavy metal. And of course we all say, well, if you know anything about AC/DC, you know it comes from the blues, and that's all these guys listen to. Everything they always tried to do is just be the blues. And I'm going, wow, I didn't hear that. Highway To Hell, Shot Down In Flames, Back In Black? Where's the blues? But it's actually all through there. So with the Brides, it's interesting, because I'm going to say things, and some people would go, really?! I think it's pretty obvious, on Shut The f**k Up there's Cheap Trick, Black Sabbath, Buzzcocks, Aerosmith, Queen, and as much as I hate them, Zeppelin. Tracii just loves Zeppelin, and I'm just like, I'm f**kin' tired of it. Just tired."

I mention that I hear a lot of John Corabi, circa Union, the self-titled Crue album, as per his love of the Beatles, knowing full well Corabi was in on the early germinations and machinations of the band...