by Martin Popoff

"He got airbrushed, by a guy who airbrushes bodies," laughs Sixx, adding to the tale of London showing up for his first gig flamboyantly spray-painted. "He did it, yeah. I mean, it started chipping off during the show, which made it even look cooler. And he just looked... he's just such a f**king star. I'm just sort of this dirty, grimy, pick up my bass and don't shower, and spit as much as I can while I play, kind of hang out in the corner and get cranky now and again guy. London is really like a peacock, very much so in the way that Vince has kind of taken on that role."

I asked Nikki for comment on why the album came out so short. "This album felt like it needed to be short," sez Sixx. "This album fell like it needed to be under-produced. And we really didn't want to over-think it. It's the first album, a new band. We didn't want to get to analytical about it. We didn't want to get too long in the tooth about it. We just kind of want to get in, show people what we're about. If you like this, that's cool, because we've got more coming. The funny thing is, we have so much music, that we've actually been contemplating what we're going to do for our next record. And right now, sort of the loose game plan is that we're going to shoot for a double album. I mean, the creative juices are just flowing. Now, whether or not it happens, who knows? It's kind of a nice thing to shoot for, because if you're going to put 20 songs on an album, you have to write 80, right? So if you shoot for 80, you only get 60, you got 60 to take ten from? f**k man, it's all good. The listener is going to be very happy."