FRANCIS BUCHHOLZ - Classic Era Bassist Caught In Dream (Tide) Page 3
by Martin Popoff

"I must say that I am a lucky man," says Francis in closing. "I have such a long list of moments and highlights, that it is impossible to put them in order. Last week I visited friends in Frankfurt and their children showed to me a live performance of the Scorpions at the US Festival, Los Angeles in 1984, which they had taken from Youtube. I listened to my bass lines and discovered, yes, I had played the bass lines exactly the way they should have been played. Watching this live recording, I felt the positive power which came across those days, the unity we were able to create live on stage. Seeing that on TV was a proud moment for me after all these years."

And finally, future plans?

"With Dreamtide I am doing promotional work for the moment. For the next year, I would like to do rock festivals with the band."