Buckcherry - Jackhammering Corporate Rock From Under The Bank Vault
By Martin Popoff

Buckcherry's Keith Nelson has gone for the suave, Wayne Newton look. At 9:30 in the morning, he's elegantly quaffed with a bit of a pomp happening, and in a suit, which I remember as being royal purple (bear with me, I not used to noticing these things). Lead loudmouth Josh Todd however looks like Axl and the guy from Rancid fighting like cats all over the thin frame of Chris Robinson. But it is Josh that is bright, animated (and clean and sober for a long time now), who gets to greet Keith arriving fashionably late with an affectionate, "Hey, piece of shit!", to which Keith replies with a thick as a brick east coast "fuggeddabouddit!"

Josh fires back a "How ya doin', sunshine?", and after a few bottled waters are secured, we're off to the races on the first of many interviews Buckcherry will be doing in support of their high-octane, power-chorded rock champion record called Time Bomb, a title chosen, sez Josh, because "it's catchy and explosive and you know, it reminds me of an AC/DC record title. When I heard that I thought, that is so AC/DC. But Time Bomb actually came from a mutual friend of ours. He had it tattooed on his knuckles."

Fresh off incongruous but productive tour dates with Kid Rock, the band is basking in the success of a gold debut, now yapping about the follow-up, before hitting the road likely for a long time, first leg being with another new "Rock Inc." act, Monster Magnet.

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