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By Martin Popoff

But then things improved, says Josh. "Now we really get all kinds of people out. When the first record came out - I love to say that (laughs, and adds in a big radio voice), 'when our first record came out' - we got a lot of the old school rock fans who grew up on rock. They heard something where they said 'wow, a rock record!' Something I can identify with through all this crap that doesn't make sense to me. And now all of our audiences are really young, which is really great, like we're making this full circle transition. It's bizarre."

"I just think we're light years ahead," continues Josh, comparing Time Bomb to the debut, "and I think we really hitting our stride as a band and I think we know each other better. I think first record was a great foundation for us, but you know, I'm already looking forward to the third record because we've sat on this material for a long time."

"I think the third record will go right up your ass," notes Keith, evidently the wisecracking rock critic of the band, eliciting a big laugh from Josh. "It's really exciting. After really focusing on the writing for this record and getting through that process, one of the things I felt about the first record is that there was a day when I said to myself, 'OK, I need to start writing songs for the second record,' coming up with ideas, compiling something. And for this record, I think the theory right now is just to kind of NOT stop writing, and when we come off the road after this, just kind of go through the big pile of songs and see how that works."

Finally, a question about strange interviews the band have found themselves involved with leads to the drug question, always a touchy subject with this band, due, basically, to their biggest hit being a song where Josh clearly enunciates cocaine over and over again, until the point where the band may as well rename themselves "you know that band, 'I love da cocaine, I love da cocaine'?"

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