Buckcherry - Jackhammering Corporate Rock From Under The Bank Vault Page 6
By Martin Popoff

"I've done some pretty strange phone interviews. Of course I like to do those naked," deadpans Keith. "People ask me whether I'm bisexual; that's probably the weirdest one for me. And I'm not," volunteers Josh, Keith adding that "I can attest to the fact that Josh is definitely not bisexual," Keith then moving into the band's unwarranted reputation. "I think the most annoying thing is that the drug questions come up all the time. And it's really to the point that it's such a joke, that when they ask... First of all, it's lazy journalism. It's just a drag. Because they hear the cocaine song and they hear 'Whiskey In The Morning' off the new album and they assume that at any point in time one of the guys is in rehab or has wrecked a car or whatever, and I think, that's cool, that's great if they want to think that. But I mean, let's talk about the music, about having a good time and playing live because that's really what it's about.

"It's silly," adds Josh, "because there's only one song about drug addiction on the last record, and it happened to be a single. And there's only one on this record. 'Lit Up' kind of glorifies it, and 'Whiskey In The Morning' shows the darker side of it. But that's all it is, you know? It's not like it's the whole basis of what we do."

Final word goes to Keith. "It's funny. I do these interviews and like the first three questions the reporter will say, 'Is Josh OK? Is he all right? How is he doing? Is he hanging in there?' And I just think, f**k off! That guy?! He's bulletproof!"