BUDGIE - Might Flight? Page 2
by Martin Popoff

When asked about a title, Burke, ever the wordsmith, says, "I've got a couple sort of working titles - Ears Pierced While You Wait, and another one, Left Click And Drag; I'm not sure."

"Just before Christmas we toured around Britain, and we did a couple of new songs in the set, and it worked out great," adds Shelley in closing, pressed for a couple of song titles. "These are 'Justice' and 'Dead Men Don't Talk'. Particularly 'Dead Men'; that's an immediate one that clicks. The crowd notices the new ones, and they'd say, wow, that's right in-your-face, straight away... it gets you, you know? And I agree with that. It's got a great riff to it, punchy. And the other one, 'Justice'; that's a goody too; that's got a nice, up-tempo, slightly complicated riff, actually (laughs), but it's got a good feel to it. And Simon uses, on that particular one, kind of a huge octave split of the sound, kind of high and low, and I'm using an octave split on it, so you've got this huge sound on this thick, good thumping tempo. We spent a year, last year, Simon and myself, recording and demoing; it's going to sound good. I've got some good acoustic tracks too; I'm busy trying to get a good acoustic guitar sound though, experimenting. And it's work, isn't it? It's rearranging and arranging and then you cut copies and listen to it on various systems, messing about and going back to it. So we're at that stage really."

Check out the band's fairly info-packed site, the aforementioned www.budgie.uk.com, for more.