BUFFALO - Aussie Legends Reissue Program Complete
by Martin Popoff

Early '70s Australian hard rock pioneers Buffalo have now seen their rare and expensive albums fully and gorgeously reissued by Australian label Aztec Music. Finally fans can boot the boots, and get the complete catalogue, replete with digipak packaging, huge sets of liner notes, bonus tracks, and all the photos of the big hairy gents one would want.

"They've basically done the full five album catalog of the Buffalo stuff," begins lead singer Dave Tice, who post-Buffalo, moved on to UK retro-rockers Count Bishops. "They all have a bunch of bonus tracks. The first three were released first, and they've recently done Mother's Choice, which was the fourth album, and Average Rock 'n' Roller, which is the fifth album. Those two have been released quite recently."

A life of music continues for Tice, long after Buffalo's '72 to '77 run of fun down under. "Oh yes, absolutely. Personally, I've been nonstop since the Buffalo days. What I do now is... you know the name Mark Evans? AC/DC - you've got it, man. Mark was the bass player in AC/DC for quite a while. And he and I work together at the moment. We both play acoustic guitar. I'm playing slide, harmonica, and of course, I sing a bit, you know (laughs). Which is my main thing, always has been. And we do basically a blues-based acoustic duo thing, and throw out a lot of original stuff as well. And we go around Australia here."

No website to direct you to for that, however, says Dave, "I have my own web site, davetice.com. And I also have a myspace page, and that usually has a pretty up-to-date listing of what gigs we're doing. It doesn't really say a huge amount about the duo per se. I set it up mainly for myself, but the duo is something we're going to have to get our head around at some stage, and set something up like that, because I'm getting a hell of a lot of requests these days that are obviously doing with the duo."

In Dave's opinion, Buffalo really hit their stride come Volcanic Rock. Still, these last two of the five reissues show a band stretching out a bit, layering their sound, becoming less crude with their toolings. And underneath it all, Buffalo remained a rough 'n' tumble gang of rock 'n' roll ruffians, on record and live.

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