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by Martin Popoff

Still, Tice can hardly believe history is finally discovering what one might call Australia's first truly hard rock band.

"Well, yes, but now I'm getting a lot of this," muses Dave. "It kind of surprised me when Aztec decided to do these reissues. I know that there have been numerous pirated copies of Buffalo stuff over the years, particularly from Europe. And there's obviously some sort of fan base. I don't know how it came about, quite frankly. Because we didn't have any particular releases or success at the time over there. I just think there's a time in a young man's life when they look and relate to things that have the kind of energy that they feel themselves. And this is one of the reasons I know. We've had numerous people saying to us, 'Why don't you reform and do some shows?' and all the rest of it. And I say no all the time, because part of the reason is, I don't really want to sully the memory of this stuff. When I look at these albums now, I see four or five young blokes in their early 20s, and I think, once again, that's the age group of the people who are starting to rediscover this stuff. And that's why we relate to them."

"My interest, musically, is not quite the same anymore. I think most people as they get older, their approach to life changes. I'm not as na•ve as I used to be, for a start. I'm not as idealistic as I used to be either. And Buffalo were always full-on and energetic on stage, and I don't think I can really do that justice anymore. But interestingly enough, talk about old stoner rock bands, I've had a communication with a bunch of people in Portugal, Spain, in various parts of Europe. In fact, there's a record company in Portugal that is in the process of recording a Buffalo tribute album. And they've got something like eight to 12 stoner rock bands, all of whom are contributing one Buffalo cover to this project. So expect something from that soon (laughs). In fact, I've heard one of the tracks. 'Leader' is one of the songs, and that's by an American band called The Falcon Band. They're all what you would class as stoner bands. And I mean, I'm getting emails from these guys. There's a band in Spain contributing a track to this thing, and with English as their second language, they're asking me to send them over lyrics and that sort of thing, and claiming that Buffalo is their favourite band in the whole of f**king recorded history. And I'm just scratching my head saying, what is going on?"

One wonders, given their place in history, if there was much opportunity to run into Angus and the boys...

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