BULLETBOYS - "I'm A Lot Closer To These Guys Than I Was To The Original Guys."
by Martin Popoff

Sittin' here listening to the under-rated but yes, classic Za-Za album, waitin' for the new one (10 Cent Billionaire), and I can't help but marvel and muse how damn good the BULLETBOYS were. But it ain't a "were" anymore, because Marq Torien has a new bunch of boys and they tear it up like you gosh-darn never would have guessed they would. Seriously, no weak links here, but damn... Marq is like a hard rock PRINCE, singing soulful and powerful, front-manning like a maniac and then icing on the talent cake, ripping out guitar leads and licks and rhythms... like I say, first thing that came to mind is that this guy coulda held his own with Prince at that legendary Super Bowl performance a couple years back.

The new record is coming soon on Chavis Records, says drummer and keeper and protector of the Torien mystique, Ryche Green... "Well, here's the deal, the album was supposed to be released on the 27th of July. We've already done pre-orders. Now, the pre-orders will go out, but then the opportunity to do Japan in November came up. So Bill Chavis had spoke to those guys, and in order to get over there, you have to have a release, and I think what the thing is, is in order for us to do that, they said, 'Is the album out?' Bill said, 'No, it's going to be about another week.' And we said why don't we delay it a few weeks and put it out to coincide, do a huge release out together so it doesn't seem so separate? And so I guess the powers that be thought that is definitely a better idea. So that's the thing - the pre-sales and stuff will go out. The discs are already made up and printed and everything."

"It's a reinvention," says an ebullient Torien, jazzed beyond belief about the new studio spread. "It's brand-new, but there are some elements of the old Bulletboys. Basically what it was, was that, when me and the guys started working together... it's been five years now, and we've been touring all around the world. No one believed in us. When we first started five years ago, we started in the back of a truck, playing, playing covers, and it was packed. And we showed up to one gig and it was packed, and the promoter thought we were doing a Bulletboys show. We said, 'No, we don't know any Bulletboys songs.' And they said, 'Everybody is here because you were the Bulletboys.' So we went up there and said to the crowd, 'No, this is not the Bulletboys; this is a three-piece band, Sexual Chocolate.' I said, 'If you guys are cool, maybe we will struggle through a song' (laughs), and we ended up doing that, and the place was so sweet, so lovable, and so much generosity. So we decided from that point, almost six years ago, to just decide to go back out there but to take it to another level."

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