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by Martin Popoff

And it really is a good time for hard rock right now. If you think about it, five, ten years back, an eight- or nine-year-old coming up, it would be about rap. Now it's classic rock...

"Yeah, it is, and that has a lot to do with Guitar Hero. We're all very lucky that thing came out. Because you're going, 'Oh wow,' because first they're playing a game; now they want to really learn how to play guitar! And I think that is so awesome; that's great. They are taking music out of our schools. They are taking recreation out of our schools. Physical education. They've taken everything away from our kids. This is the only game that brings that feeling of music back into our children, around the whole world. And we need music. We need music in all facets. But I really believe we need music that is uplifting, that has something to say, in this time, in this day and age, and it doesn't have to be preachy, it doesn't have to be 'I told you so,' but it has to be uplifting. Even if it's a bit dark. But just something that has a feeling of, 'You know what? He got through it. I can get through it.' When I used to listen to music, and I still do, I go wow, this person got through this, and this is filling my heart with a lot of joy, because I can understand where they're coming from. And I think as writers, as the old Bulletboys, I don't think we ever touched on the heart of our fans. And I feel that this record really does."

"I went through a really bad time in my life, with a marriage that didn't work for me," confides Marq. "It is, and will always be the worst experience in my life, without question. And it was time that I rebuilt, and I got baptized, went back to my faith, and I really believe in God, and I believe that God is the reason why I'm here, and why we are doing these things. I can't even tell you, because this isn't me that is doing these things here with my closest friends. We are doing this thing, we're here in Canada, it's beautiful, it's just awesome. And I'm trying so hard now not to let anybody take my joy away from me. You know, there are so many negative people in the world, and you just get bogged down with all these little trifle things that people try to nitpick at you, and I just try to not let it get to me too much. Because I wear my heart on my sleeve. I'm pretty much an artist that feels a lot of emotion. I'm a sensitive guy (laughs)."

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