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by Martin Popoff

Seven Silver Keys is about the repression of modern society. You have so many people and friends that want to do things, but they kind of get drowned in society. There are a lot of people you meet that have got these dreams that they would like to fulfill, but somehow they don't get to it. Not impossible things, but somehow people are bit engulfed by the city they live in, or their surroundings, the environment. Witches is about me shitfaced in a bar, and I was kind of hallucinating and thought I was surrounded by black witches that want to take over the world. Not far from the truth I guess (laughs)."

"I like Black Dwarf because it's a really good opening to the record," says Edling, switching to the album's earth-shaking yet irresistibly infectious musical construction. "And I really like the riff because it's really driving and up-tempo, and Seven Silver Keys I like a lot, because of the chorus to it. I think it's really epic and powerful. I guess my biggest favourite of the record is Assassin Of The Light, because it's really atmospheric, and I think it's quite evil actually, maybe because I know what it's about (laughs). But I really like the song and it's so cool to play live, because it changes all the time. You play different things through the entire song; really fun to play."

It is no secret that Candlemass has featured at least some degree of friction between Edling and Marcolin over the years. But really, how much has there actually been, versus the degree to which its been portrayed in the metal press?

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