CANDLEMASS - Candlemass Bloody Candlemass Page 4
by Martin Popoff

"Well, I think Messiah, and myself, and a couple of the other guys in the band can be pretty anal about things. I mean, I don't think we fight more in Candlemass than other bands do. For example, I watched the Metallica film and I was pretty shocked. I mean those guys are, or were, very f**ked up, man (laughs). And to be in Candlemass, if you compare, I mean it's a f**king picnic, a walk in the park to be in this band. So we don't fight that much actually. And Messiah for example... I mean, I can take a very good example. We had a release party two days ago in Stockholm, and it was a small bar, and the lights were on all the time. We had a dressing room quite a bit away from the stage, so we had to go through the people to get to the stage. And the place is packed, and the lights were lit, and Messiah insisted we would use the intro, the intro tape. And the other guys in the band, and me especially, thought it would be really cheesy to walk through the audience, with full lights on, with the intro on. And the intro is 90 seconds. And we were not even sure we could make it through the audience in 90 seconds (laughs). And it would be a bummer to be stuck in the audience, and the intro is over, and you are supposed to be up there playing. That would be hysterical. But Messiah insisted, because he didn't want to walk up on the stage, wearing the Messiah outfit, without an intro. Which I thought was pretty ridiculous. The most important thing is that you are on the stage and prepared to play, and you're not in a position where you're engulfed in the crowd, with the intro on and about to end, and you are far away from the stage. You are f**ked. And I could've been the one who insisted the other way. I mean, I could have been the one insisting that we do not use the intro tape. And the other four would say, 'We won't use the intro tape then.' Do you get me? But we kind of said, 'Okay, if it's important to you, then we'll do it.' So that is how we do it in Candlemass today. If somebody is really insisting, then we listen to the person, and if it is not such a big thing, fine. Even if we don't agree, we do it."