CARL DIXON - A Classic Canuck Voice
By Martin Popoff

Canadian working musician Carl Dixon has always been that: a worker, whether it's leading the well-regarded Coney Hatch of old, or... well, we'll let him run down the years for you.

"Let's see, in the years since Coney Hatch split," begins Dixon, "I started a few bands, wrote and demo'ed hundreds of songs, worked as a staff songwriter in New York, and played with Coney Hatch again for various reunion tours. I did the production and re-mastering of (almost) the entire Coney catalogue for CD release. I produced and recorded my first solo CD, One, for release in '93 and from the European contacts for that album I spent a year representing Long Island Records of Germany, signing old Canadian albums for release in their Rock Classics series. I joined the Guess Who as lead vocalist from November '97 until their reunion with Burton and Randy in May 2000. In March, 2001 I joined April Wine as a fifth member for touring and that still continues. I also produced recordings for some young artists."

And now Carl has a bluesy yet polished second solo album under his belt, Into The Future coming out through MTM/SPV in Europe, with domestic plans still up in the air. "As contrast, I guess this is the most fully-realized album of my career. I took the time to go deeply into the songs, especially my vocals, which I think were never recorded well in the past. Much of the Coney Hatch material holds up well because of a certain collective energy we captured, and One was a good stepping stone in my education. But Future is the closest I've gotten to being satisfied."

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