CELLADOR - Heartland Heavies Page 4
by Martin Popoff

"Right now we're on the road," says Chris in closing, charting a future course. "We're playing a lot of dates here in the USA. It's just us basically. We've got about 30 dates on the West to the East Coast. After that we have a number of prospects for the fall. We're lining up with a new management and booking agent, so that should hopefully give us a whole new level in terms of opportunities and places to play, and bands to play with, exposure. So we're really looking forward to that. I know already there is some chance we may end up playing in Japan in the fall, maybe in October, and we've had prospects with respect to touring in Europe with two different bands."

Er, but wait a minute... you've got one more year toward your Business Administration degree. Don't you go back to school in September?

"Yeah, that's a good question, actually (laughs). If it's like a 30 day tour or something really huge, it very well could happen that I will probably have to delay school. I don't plan on ever dropping out of college. I only have a year left so there would be no reason for me not to get my degree. It would more than likely mean me having to delay it, which would be unfortunate. But Metal Blade is well aware. There have been many bands - and there are still many bands - on the label with members who are in college, so they're very understanding. They seem to be willing to work around those schedules."

It would be so hard to get back on that horse after taking a year off... "In a way, yes. And I mean, it would just be more and more band work from there too! There would just be more and more stuff. That's why I'm saying, I just want to get it done. It just depends. If it was something absolutely huge, like getting on Gigantour or something like that, then I would probably have to set college aside."

Will Chris have letters after his name come spring '07 or will Cellador be busy raising their profile through the fall and winter months? See www.cellador.com for more on this developing story...