CRIMSON GLORY - Wade Black Gets Restless And Quits!
By Tim Henderson

Wade Black called BW&BK/HardRadio recently to verify that the singer has left CRIMSON GLORY.

"I want to work," came the reply from the other end of the phone. "I feel I have a lot more to say, musically, and I can't wait around seven or eight months while Jon (Drenning, guitar) works on his stuff. Jon's the most talented musician I've ever worked with and originally I was just going to do some side projects, but if the phone doesn't ring, you sort of get the picture."

While Black had yet to tell Drenning of his intention, the move is official.

"I have no problem with you announcing this. Jon is in Las Vegas, so I haven't actually talked to him. I was happy to be part of an album (Astronomica) that will be seen as one of the greatest of all time, but I have to go. People might have heard stories about Jon and I getting into a fistfight in Germany, while on tour. That's not true. We had an argument, like all members of bands do, nothing more."

Black has actively campaigned for the vocalist spot in another outfit, and we can officially reveal that Black has joined SEVEN WITCHES (who recently parted ways with singer Bobby Lucas). The rumor mill will be in high gear, with regards to his replacement in Crimson Glory.

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