CRIMSON GLORY - Wade Black Gets Restless And Quits! Page 2
By Tim Henderson

Shortly after the Black conversation, Drenning contacted BW&BK US and more questions arose than were answered. Despite having just returned from a Vegas honeymoon, after marrying his longtime girlfriend, Drenning agreed to tell his side of the story and extinguish the inevitable Midnight rumors, even before they start.

"There's no band blood," affirms the guitarist. "Wade asked if it was OK. Crimson's on hold anyway. I'm not sure when we'll record again, but I'm definitely not going to jump back into the studio. I said, 'If you have something you want to do, go for it!' He wants to do Crimson and I'm not opposed to having him back, but I'm in a planning phase. I can't give 100% verification of what will happen next. I don't feel comfortable making a statement to the press, for publication, about what I'm thinking about, because it may or may not happen. If I called tomorrow, his involvement with Seven Witches would be history. He wants to be part of Crimson, but we have to evaluate what to do, how it will be done and who will be a part of it. The next Crimson Glory record has to be something special, that makes waves, and I'll do it when I'm ready. Astronomica took me a long time. I did it by myself, in a way that was completely different. I need to take a break, for myself, enjoy my life. It may take me another eight years. Maybe I'll release an album every decade, then again, I could start recording next week! I don't do this for money. The music industry isn't set up for bands to make money, unless you have success on a massive scale. We're an artistic band, doing this to express our creativity. Sometimes it's better to do nothing, rather than rush into something. Sorry to be so evasive, but I don't know what I want to say, nor do I really know what I'll be doing."

That includes the long proposed vintage live album, with Midnight, and accompanying concert length videotape. "Maybe that will be the next step, to buy us some time before the next record. Who knows?"