Interview With CHICKENFOOT Bassist Michael Anthony
by Tim Henderson

To say that former VAN HALEN bassist Michael Anthony seemingly got the shaft from his previous bandmates is an understatement. It's doubtful that the real truth of why he wasn't part of VH's landmark reunion tour with David Lee Roth last year will ever materialize; Anthony was conveniently replaced by Eddie Van Halen's son Wolfgang, truly tainting what would have been one of the greatest comeback tours in history.

And why were Anthony and former singer, SAMMY HAGAR, the only ones present to accept their Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame honour in 2007? - not that the Hall holds much credibility these days! Over time, both Anthony and Hagar have been productive, while Eddie and Alex Van Halen toil in the everyday (?) affairs of a band that hasn't released a proper record since the abysmal Van Halen III which saw EXTREME singer Gary Cherone part of the charade. Granted, a few new Hagar/Halen tunes appeared on VH's second Greatest Hits compilation in 2004. Oh yeah, Eddie's been in rehab. But think about it; Van Halen released the first six albums of their most vital catalog in six years. In over ten years since the third incarnation of the band jaded the once-prolific hard rock team, the well has been virtually dry. Eddie's ex Valerie has been more productive with Jenny Craig than the revered axeman has been in sharing his riffs with the world!

And somebody is pissed at Anthony... why would the band erase his image from album artwork upon relaunching their website to celebrate the Roth tour? C'mon. That's just as bad as Sharon Osbourne replacing bassist Bob Daisley's and drummer Lee Kerslakes' performances from OZZY's Blizzard Of Ozz and Diary Of A Madman reissues in 2002. It's not cool and it's a nail in the heart of the fans that revere these bands.

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