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by Tim Henderson

With Chickenfoot finally in the groove of an active band, are you kicking yourself you didn't do it sooner?

"(Laughs) Yeah, but you know what, it wasn't a forced thing and that's kind of the beauty. Chad, Sammy and I have jammed so many times down at the club in Cabo San Lucas and that's actually where the name Chickenfoot first came to be, because that's what we called ourselves down there. It was about a year and a half ago, Super Bowl Sunday last year, and Sammy was playing in Vegas and wanted to do something different for an encore. He had his band the Wabos playing and he invited Chad and I on stage. He said, 'Come on out and we'll jam some stuff.' Then he decided to call Joe because he wanted to do the Chickenfoot-type thing. He said, 'Let's get a proper guitar player. I could do this and sing, but let's get a guitarist that can totally blow everyone's minds and I can sing.' He called Joe and he said 'Sure,' so we got together and jammed. And doing it for the first time in front of a live audience - you got that instant gratification, because the place went nuts. Cabo Wabo is a great hang and a great place to get together. And a lot of musicians have been down there to jam. Everyone from KENNY CHESNEY to TED NUGENT. And that's kind of the cool thing; it's such a cool place that when musicians do come down there, they want to get up and jam. It's a cool hang and there's no pressure."

To be honest, aside from the Hagar/Anthony connection, Chickenfoot took fans by surprise...especially the name! Satriani was thought to be content with his flourishing solo career and from an outsider, Smith may be viewed a little out of his funk-ed comfort zone? But the pieces fit together flawlessly.

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