Interview With CHICKENFOOT Bassist Michael Anthony Page 4
by Tim Henderson

"When you first read about it and hear about it, it's an unlikely pairing. But Joe has always wanted to put together a band with a singer. And I'm sure he'll tell ya that he doesn't have to be thinking full time about taking care of the melodies and other stuff. I think it's gonna blow a lot of peoples minds. People that don't look at him as a real rock guitarist, but as an instrumentalist that does jazz, blues and all that kind of stuff which is great, because he plays the full spectrum of stuff. I think he was really looking forward to something like this. When we first got into the studio and started jamming he was having a great time. He was coming up with song ideas left and right. It was pretty cool. And Chad is a Detroit rocker; that's where his heart really is no matter what he does with the Chilis. He does bring a funk element to some of the stuff we do. And playing with him as the rhythm section inspires me to do different stuff. When people first hear it I think they are surprised at how it all meshes."

Anything that opened your eyes with Smith? Of course you are all well-seasoned brothers, but the rhythm section must be tight and you need a unique bond especially with the drummer.

"We are the guys that have to hold the fort down when guys like Satch can go off and do his thing," answers Anthony. "Chad is a phenomenal drummer, he's a great hard-hitting rock drummer but he does it with finesse which is really cool. And he does have that funk vibe. When you hear him play the stuff, it's not conventional. There's not a conventional rock way to approach this like say an Alex Van Halen or another type of rock drummer. Just playing with that guy and he's smiling and he's got this grin from ear-to-ear. He just sucks you in. You can't help but have a good time with him."

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