Interview With CHICKENFOOT Bassist Michael Anthony Page 5
by Tim Henderson

What are the biggest differences between working with Satch instead of Eddie?

"Both are great guitar players and Eddie was a great innovator. Playing with Joe, I trip because he has this great knowledge and understanding and can play every spectrum of music. The only thing I haven't heard him jam yet is reggae stuff! It's really cool and again it's very inspirational and it pushes me to think of things to play to it. Just jamming - I've got Joe on one side and Chad on the other. My jaw is on the ground playing with these guys live and in the studio. I'm amazed it's so much fun."

And it's great to see Hagar truly rock again. It kinda makes you forget about his more playful Wabo fare.

"Yeah and what's really cool is that there is a different flavour to every song. It's not like everything sounds the same, but in a different key. I think Sammy was looking to do something a little bit different and get back to his rock roots. With the Wabos it's more of the south-of-the-border lifestyle deal. It's a party and I have a great time jamming with him. I think the funniest thing for me is seeing Sammy on stage with long pants! For I don't know how many years, all I've seen him in is shorts! We're wearing long pants and we're rockin'! We're not doing the Cabo Wabo thing, we're rockin'!"