CINDERELLA - Still Climbing (But Headlining Again)
by Martin Popoff

Where are you in the cycle for the next record?

"With Naked Beggars?"

No, with Cinderella.

Right away, I shoulda known the climb was gonna continue for long-suffering Cinderella fans, who have waited 11 years now for a new record from this massive multi-platinum success act.

"With Cinderella, I'm not sure we're going to do one," continues bassist Eric Brittingham, down the line from his Nashville home. "I don't know. Tom (Keifer - guitar and vocals) just finished his solo record, which is... basically he took all the songs we were going to do with Cinderella and made his solo record. So we're just kind of waiting to see the success of that and most likely he'll just continue doing that. I mean, we haven't really talked about it at all. Jeff (LaBar - guitars) and I are doing our own thing with Naked Beggars. As far as Cinderella business, it's like, Tom runs the show. If he wants to go out on tour every once in awhile, then we talk about it. So I guess we're doing this Rock Never Stops tour. As far as recording anything new, if I was a Cinderella fan, I wouldn't hold my breath (laughs)."

And what is the latest Naked Beggars news?

Well, we've been recording since January and actually just started mixing last week. We have a mastering date set for next week to do a promo, a three song disc, give that out at the shows this summer, and the album should be completed by the end of May and then we're talking to several labels, as far as involvement. We have to decide whether we want to go with a label or just distribution or just a promo thing. We're doing a cover of a Dead Boys song called Caught With The Meat In Your Mouth, and we had Cheetah Chrome play on it; he lives here in Nashville, and we've actually become pretty good friends, and that's a pretty cool track. So if there are any Dead Boys fans, they would certainly enjoy that. The new Naked Beggars record is going to be great; it's really quite different from the first one."

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