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by Martin Popoff

"The biggest lesson, which is a hard lesson to learn, in any business, is like, keep your eye on the money (laughs). You know? Because you sell a shitload of records and then you check your tax returns and it's like, man, I really didn't make shit, you know? (laughs). The money has to be going somewhere and we threatened, not threatened, but thought about doing an audit years ago, and miraculously, all of the records just got lost in a move or some shit like that. And I think that happens to a lot of bands. Because when you first come out, if you have a lot of success, you get caught up in that whirlwind and the business aspect is the last thing on your mind, and that really should be the first thing on your mind."

And now in '05, Cinderella is far from those platinum days, as well as far from their Philadelphia roots. "Tom and I live in Nashville," explains Eric. "Jeff kind of lives here. He has a girlfriend here now and he plays with me in Naked Beggars but he had to go back to Philly to deal with his legal problems with his DUI (laughs), but he mainly lives here now. Fred moved to L.A. two or three years ago and he was living here. So we were all living here at one point. But he's move to L.A. and I think he'll stay there. He does a lot of mixes for Cleopatra Records and it's right there."

In closing, Eric offers comment on the semi-mysterious leader of Cinderella, Tom Keifer. "He's definitely like a complicated dude. He's very passionate about his music. He wants everything to be right all the time. He's very anal in that sense (laughs), but he's actually like a quiet guy. Other than the music, his wife just had a baby about a year ago and he pretty much just stays home and watches movies in his off time, and he's just like a mellow guy."

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