CINDERELLA - Still Climbing (But Headlining Again) Page 4
by Martin Popoff

And how's his voice? Like Brian Johnson's of AC/DC fame, t definitely has the ability to curl ones toes...

"He's had some voice problems," notes Eric. "He had like a viral thing in his vocal cords back in the early '90s and he had to have several surgeries for that. And I think it caused his blood vessels to be weak on his vocal cords, so if you really pushed, which he does, he can pop a blood vessel, and then he's kinda screwed for a while (laughs). So as I said, he's had some surgeries on that. But it hasn't affected his voice. He's very concerned about that so he takes vocal coaching constantly and all that crap. But the only problem that we've run into with his voice has been his vocal style. And at the height of our career, that kind of held us back, as far as CHR radio, because it was the unfriendly kind of voice, you know: screaming (laughs). But I kind of like it, and apparently a lot of other people do too (laughs)."