ALICE COOPER - Dragon You Through Hell! Page 3
By Martin Popoff

"Bob was the third ear," explains Alice on having the esteemed Bob Ezrin credited as Executive Producer. "Bob was the guy who... you know, Bob Marlette and I, we finished Brutal Planet and I said, 'boy, that sounds good. I really like this album; good, we're all happy.' And then I started writing the next album and I kept writing the same album and I said obviously I haven't finished with this album. So I said Bob... Dragontown, let's take it deeper. First of all, nobody's ever done a two-part concept album, staying on the same subject; nobody has ever really, you know, taking it anyplace different. So I said, let's keep writing this. Let's go to Dragontown now, the worst part of Brutal Planet and see who is there. And first of all, we haven't let anybody off of Brutal Planet. On Welcome To My Nightmare, I woke everybody up and on Alice Cooper Goes To Hell, I get out. And on From The Inside, everybody escapes. But Brutal Planet, everybody's still there. In Dragontown, I haven't let anybody up, so there might be a third part. The bio thing that the record company released said that this is part three of a trilogy; that's wrong. Because Last Temptation really had nothing to do with this. That was its own project unto itself. So this is really part two and I'm thinking a part three..."

Go to for more info on tour dates etc. Alice closes with a comment on his touring band, always the cream of the crop in terms of rock-solid musicianship. "It's Ryan Roxie, Eric Dover, Eric Singer, Teddy Zigzag and Greg Smith. All of them can sing. I mean, all of them are great singers. And that's something I never really had before, actually having five guys that could sing. So when you do a song like 'Poison', where you used to solidify it with a little bit of (laughs) sampling and all that, you don't have to do that anymore (laughs)..."