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By Martin Popoff

"I think there's a little bit of early stuff, when I was with a group called Babe Ruth," notes Bernie. "We did pretty good in Canada, actually. I don't know, I had a desire to write a certain way when I was younger, and I did write that way, and put that basically down onto the album. But the older I got, the better I became at it. I think if we would have been around 20 years later with that kind of band, it would have been a little bit like that. But there's also band called Wild Turkey, with one of the guys from Jethro Tull, and we were kind of into an Allman Brothers type thing in those days, and I'm talking a long time ago. So we carried some of that definitely forward into Whitesnake with the twin guitar thing, and that's carried on obviously with the Company Of Snakes. There's a little bit of me, and all of us, in every record we make I suppose."

"I think we have a wonderful understanding of each other," notes Marsden, when asked for a contrast between Mick Moody's guitar style and his own. "I know that a lot of guys, especially our contemporaries, envied what we had in Whitesnake. Phil Lynott used to come to gigs and see us and he would say, 'Man, I wish my guys played with the same feeling that your guys do.' Because there's never really any of that, 'Well, I'm really going to blow him away this night.' We played together, in every sense of the word, yet we had totally different styles, really. But we just kind of come together and we have a very healthy respect for each other. We don't slap each other's back and say how great each other is, because you know how good you are, or whatever. You don't have to go around telling people all the time. People can make their own minds up. We just happen to have a good relationship and it works well in the studio and we write well together as well, which is an added bonus."

Why the title Burst The Bubble?

"Well, I mean, people have said to me when they listen to the lyrics, you know, I've made references to 1984, Burst The Bubble means when he left Whitesnake and he's still not got over it and it's about people looking at me from the outside. My answer is, I wish I was that clever lyrically. All it's about... it's based on the George Orwell book 1984. It's about, when you walk down the street these days, you're not alone, there are cameras watching you etc., hence the lyric. It's funny how people read into lyrics, 'Oh, I know what he's thinking here,' and it comes back on you; it kind of turns full circle because then you wish you had thought of that (laughs). That would've been really cool. But that song is basically about that, looking in from the outside. And I thought it was kind of a cool title for a rock song."

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