DAVID COVERDALE - The Harsh Light Of Reality
By Martin Popoff

Apologies up front: I guess I neglected to ask the man WHY he would start his own label to release what is obviously a rock solid, stadium-level, glossy pro glow album mature fer miles past Whitesnake but so comfortably caressing that golden hem. After all, David Coverdale has amassed record sales somewhere in the 40 million range, more than half of that as leader of Whitesnake, the rest as lead singer of Deep Purple, writing lots of classic material for both situations. I visualize a graph: points plotted high on talent, fame, no dire need of income... the vast area, distance (this is all high school math I barely remember) pointing to a graphic non-starter. I mean, you figure a guy like that wouldn't NEED these hassles and should logically delegate everything except writing and singing, even if he just may harbour the masochistic restless heart to want to meddle in the muddle of labeldom purely out of curiosity.

So here he is, with an indie's indie, presenting Into The Light, a classic collection of songs dotting the man's emotional spectrum, a little Zep, a little blues, a lot of Whitesnake, a little soul, a highly impressive collection featuring like-minded veterans Earl Slick, Marco Mendoza and Denny Carmassi turning this into a true royal pageant of hard rock magic.

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