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By Martin Popoff

But on a grander note, the record itself positively gleams. It sounds expensive, it looks great, and it truly croons, swaggers and walks with the authority of a 50 year old rock legend hauling three decades of platinum-plated track record behind him.

"I think this is the most consistent record I've done," affirms Dave, no surprise, dead on. "I've never had a piece of work that has been so critically across the board applauded. As I say, I have total faith in the record. It's just the ability to get it out there. At this point in time, I had no idea there were so many good archaeologists digging around and finding the bugger (laughs). As I say, I've never really embraced fashion other than in the late '80s when it became very fashionable to be in a hard rock band. Otherwise, I don't think I would ever have been able to sustain a 30-year career. The circumstance is that I have total faith in the record. It is not a fashion record. It hasn't been as overtly successful as I would have hoped but I still maintain that it can be made to be successful. The tunes are very approachable, it's very me, it's a good kind of cross-section of who I am, what I've done, where I am, and where I intend to go. The essence is always songs with me, utilizing the three elements that I feel are very appropriate to my expression which is rock, soul and blues. As I say, it's interesting that the most successful record I ever had is the 1987 album, and that album was actually two years old before it saw the light of day. So there is a testament to the fact that I'm not fashionable (laughs). And you know, it might just not be the right time right now."

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