DAVID COVERDALE - Shedding Skin! Page 2
By Tim Henderson

"With the internet I can open up the field; what do you want to hear from me? It might make my job easier having the fans pick and chose. No doubt it'll yield some surprises. At this moment in time I'm also trying to determine whether I want to go out with what people are familiar with - two guitars, bass, drums and keyboards - or extrapolate on that. For example, what would 'Still Of The Night' sound like with a real violin? What would 'Here I Go Again' sound like with two female singers working with me? This is a wonderful thing, a grand adventure."

A European deal for Into The Light has been confirmed, with plans to release the album in North America independently, at least for the moment. Go to www.davidcoverdale.com for more details. The site should be up and running by September 1st.