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by Martin Popoff

Prodded to pick a favourite, Sean currently goes with She Put The Shock (In My Rock 'n Roll). Says Sean, "You know, I don't wear my artistic integrity as a badge of merit. I'm a rock fan. I'm really trying to re-create experiences. And for me that song just really captures a sort of Phil Lynott vibe. It's a bit of a storyteller's thing. I just love the way I was able to quote some of the Lizzy moments, tell this story in a pretty na•ve way. And it was a combination of how the story came together with the way the guitars sounded, the arrangement, the vocals. That one just came together for me. When I put it on, I get a kick out of it, because I guess I like to bask in some of my own influences (laughs). I also like Count On Me, Count On You, just because it's out there. We tried a little, you know... Gilby said, 'I hear this Blue Oyster Cult thing going on' and we added some overlapping vocals. It's a little darker than I usually get up to, but it kind of matched up. Plus we had some fun with a talk box and a few weird chords and stuff like that."

At press time, dates with Alice Cooper were pending (some copies of Electric Satisfaction sport a wicked cover of Cold Ethyl; others include obscure Canadian glam classic Roxy Roller, by Sweeney Todd). But there have already been cherished memories with Alice...

"Yeah, by far, I would have to say the Alice Cooper experience was the touring highlight so far. Just, you know, doing the first album was farther than I thought I was going to get with this thing. I never really thought past trying to make that first record, and the first gig we played with Alice was in a stadium in St. John's, and the whole experience was just lost on me. Just turning around and looking at the guillotine on stage, and looking at the drum riser while we're playing, and trying to sort it out. You know, stupid things like, I remember looking at the clock at the back of the arena and thinking, 'Cool, you know, that's how bands know when it's time to get off stage!' Just dumb stuff. Making sure to look up to the rafters and say, hey, I saw that security that way up high. It was such a thrill for me. And then to find out that Alice is a great guy, a considerate guy, the crew treated us great, the band. And he was a funny, affable guy. Plus, just to see... doesn't matter how many times he's been out there, he still devoted to putting on that show. Like, he's not messing around. He's 110% into it, absolutely. So you know... great lesson learned."

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