CRASH KELLY - Hard, Sweet & Sticky Page 4
by Martin Popoff

And it couldn't happen with Alice's right hand man, Toby Mamis, could it? "Yes, Toby, and to find out his history is pretty impressive. Back to all that stuff with the Dolls and that New York thing. And I have to say, Toby has a heart of gold. Because here's a guy who goes out of his way to get young bands that experience, but not only that, but treat them right. He really does go out of his way. He made sure we got to hang out a little bit with Alice. And I've done other shows with bands that haven't had Alice's level of success and we sure haven't got treatment."

"We just lucked into a great gig," says Kelly, mapping out the Crash future. "And thanks again to Alice's people, but we're going to be at the Sturgis rally, and that's our first time in front like 30,000 people. We've been going up in increments... got our first look at what 5000 looked like, got to do 10,000, but this is like a big one. We're sort of direct support to him on the Jack Daniels night. We're doing that, and then we head to Billings, Montana with Alice, and then we're heading for like my dream week in Hollywood, getting to play the Cat Club, and we're doing Metal School at the Key Club, and then there's either a gig with LA Guns or with Ratt, one of those two, at the Vine. So we have sort of a week of promo and gigs in Hollywood."

And perhaps as evidence that Electric Satisfaction won't sound exactly "regular" to a heavy metal listener, the band can straddle the gap into other worlds... "Yes, for sure, because we're playing the International Pop Overthrow Festival in Orange County. It's like 16 bands or something each doing 25 minutes sets. But it's cool, because were associated a lot with the hard rock and heavy metal thing, and that's amazing. But we also do have the power pop side. It's kind of nice to go out and have people check this out, and know that, hey, we're into the Raspberries too (laughs)."

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