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Special Report by Martin Popoff

Juan is also spearheading a tribute/get-together for his friend and ex-bandmate in Ratt, guitarist Robbin Crosby, who's quite unwell. "Some friends and I are going to do a tribute to Robbin Crosby. We're probably going to do it here at my studio and we're going to be recruiting musicians to play on the recording and it's going to be televised over the Internet in real time. We're making arrangements for all of this right now. Robbin has been one of my best friends for almost as long as I can remember and he's not doing as well as we would love him to be doing so we're just kind of getting together and setting up a session for him."

Will these be Ratt songs? "No, they will probably be from Robbin's previous band Secret Service or just other songs he's written. We might also do a couple of classics and have all the musicians involved just jam on the songs. We're thinking of releasing it in some form. To be honest with you I feel uncomfortable talking about his health situation with people. There are so many vicious rumours out there. He's taking care of himself, the best that he can. He does have an HIV issue which is not anything new, and it has progressed, but we're hoping he can get back on his feet, around and about soon, and just try to live the healthiest life he can."

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