Juan Croucier - New Friends & Old Friends Page 3
Special Report by Martin Popoff

So this is basically a concert for him and he will be there? "Well, I've been talking to some musicians, Don Dokken various other known musicians, and everybody is very much into doing it. So right now Robbin and I are just narrowing down the songs and that will tell us which musicians we should get for what songs. And then we'll know from there whether I'm going to need 10 musicians or five or 15. But it's really going to be based around Robbin. And we'll set up all the musicians so they know the songs and rehearse them and then when he comes in we'll basically go through them. He'll of course know the songs and we'll just go from there. Everything will be ready to go when he gets there..."

For more information, or to contact Juan about his studio The Cellar, please see www.liquidsunday.com.