BOB DAISLEY - Supergroup, Super Songs...
by Martin Popoff

It's been out for a while, but through various circuitous means, the self-titled debut from Living Loud is slowly finding homes all over the world. The project consists of five guys (four credited on the cover), two of which are in Deep Purple - Steve Morse and Don Airey - plus bass legend Bob Daisley, huge Aussie vocal star Jimmy Barnes, and Uriah Heep drummer Lee Kerslake (see for more).

We caught up with Mr. Daisley down the line to his native Australia, where he explained how Living Loud came to be. "Well, the first hookup with Jimmy, really is, I had a blues band down here called The Hoochie Coochie Men, and we did some shows with Jon Lord when he was down here. He was doing some classical stuff, at the Sydney Opera House and that, and he had some spare time, so we did a couple of shows together, one in Melbourne, one in Sydney, and one in Brisbane. And during the Sydney show, we were at a club called The Basement, and Jimmy Barnes got up to sing a few songs with us. It was planned; it wasn't rehearsed, but it was planned. 'Let's do this song, let's do that song,' sort of thing, and that went very well. And Jon Lord has always liked Jimmy's voice. And after the show, the chap who put it together, Drew Thompson, who you've been dealing with, he said, 'Why don't you and John and Jimmy do something and we'll see who else we can get and we'll see if we can do an album?' So originally it was Jon Lord who was meant to be playing keyboards on the album; we agreed to do it. And it was originally my idea to redo some of these Ozzy songs, which had nothing to do with retaliation for what they did on those albums or anything like that. I've had this idea for years, and Lee Kerslake and I had talked about it, and doing it as a project sort of thing, a few different guitar players, a few different singers, a couple of different keyboard players, do our own sort of personal tribute to the days when we were all together with Ozzy and Randy and what have you. Because there have been a few tribute albums up until now, of those songs, to Ozzy or to Randy, or whatever. So Kerslake and I thought, if anybody has a license to do that, we do, because we played on the original stuff."

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