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by Martin Popoff

Yes indeed, what you get on Living Loud is a mix of originals plus six Ozzy tracks. Why? Well, Bob and Lee were, of course, part of the original Blizzard Of Ozz, with Bob heavily contributing to the writing in those days. Jimmy is a riot on these tracks, and the originals are bloody good too, all five players coalescing into a hot little band on all tracks concerned.

Continues Daisley, "As it turned out, when it came to do the album, Jon Lord wasn't available. We were going to use Jon Lord and Don Airey, on some tracks each, kind of thing. But when it came to do it, only Don Airey was available. But as it worked out, it was better, because the whole thing seems like a band. Like I said, we were thinking about using two or three different guitar players and a couple of different singers, but as soon as we started playing together, Kerslake and Steve Morse and me, we thought, what's the point of getting other guitar players? This sounds great, and it felt great, and it worked out really well. So we thought, forget about this project idea, let's just keep it as it is. Especially when Jimmy came in. Because this was in Florida, Steve Morse's place, and a couple of days later Jimmy came in. Because he was already in America. And we started working up, rearranging the Ozzy stuff and writing some new stuff. And as soon as Jimmy started singing and the four of us were together, it just sounded so satisfying, and we worked together so well, we thought, forget about any other singers, any other guitar players. And then when it came time to do keyboards, only Don Airey was available, and we thought, perfect. Because he was on the first album of the Ozzy stuff that we did and it made it feel much more like a band, which is really what we wanted."

What is Steve Morse's place like? I hear he lives sort of on an airstrip?

"Well, he's got a lot of ground there. He's sort of out in the country. God, I can't even remember the name of the place. Probably just as well. He probably wouldn't want people to know that (laughs). But he's really into airplanes. He's got gliders and twin-prop planes. He must have three, four, five of them or something. Because he was a commercial pilot for awhile. He's had his pilot's license for a long time." So does he have his own airstrip? "Well, it's a lot of ground. And he keeps it mowed, and yeah, it's sort of like his own airstrip. And he's got a rehearsal room and demos studio there."

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