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by Martin Popoff

"Well, that was the surprising thing," reflects Bob, on having these guys recreate Ozzy songs. "I thought we might run into trouble from someone, whether it be either Jimmy or Steve, on redoing some of the Ozzy songs, but they seemed really into it. I suppose that's why it worked so well. They were into doing it. And I think Steve really reckoned Randy as a player, and I know Randy was a... I wouldn't say Steve Morse fan, but I know he had a lot of respect for him, because he's such a respected player anyway. And he's certainly one of the greats, Steve Morse is, brilliant player."

And you didn't get any flak from the Deep Purple camp for doing this? "Not really, no. I think it might have (laughs)... it didn't really cause any problems. I don't know if some of them or management or whatever were 100% happy that we had two members of Deep Purple on it together, but it didn't really cause any problems. Don Airey had only just joined Deep Purple when we did this, because Jon Lord had only just bowed out."

Digging into the album, Bob says that "In The Name Of God is a good song because it's philosophical, and of the times. And I like that sort of eastern flavour. That was the last song we did, or the last one we put together, wrote and recorded, right at the very end. That worked very well. Everybody wants to do another album. And we wouldn't do any other material other than new stuff. It's funny how this evolved. Like I said, originally it was just an idea to maybe do it... well, when Kerslake and I originally thought about doing some of those songs, we were thinking about doing a whole album of just songs from Blizzard Of Ozz and the Diary Of A Madman albums, but when we got together with everybody, Steve and Jimmy and that, we just thought, oh, we'll just do three from each album and then we'll do some original stuff as well. And the original stuff turned out so well, and we worked together so well, looking back and looking at the product, we thought certainly, we'll do another album and we'll do all original stuff."

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