BOB DAISLEY - Supergroup, Super Songs... Page 4
by Martin Popoff

Asked about the two Deep Purple dudes in the band, Bob ventures that, "Well, I've worked with Don a lot before in various other things, with Ozzy and what have you. Don is a very sort of placid person, very good musician. He's been through all the classical schools and what have you, and Steve Morse is just a freak (laughs). A freak of nature. No, he's such a great musician and such a great player, and he's another one who can play any style, jazz, rock, blues, fusion or whatever it is; he's very musically knowledgeable, very, very good. And fairly workable too, you know. They're all, you know... nobody is up themselves. There were no major egos, no bosses, no leaders, we were all together thinking let's see what happens. And we worked together so well, it was so enjoyable. The thing is, when you get people like that, everybody is a name, and everybody has done stuff, you're not sure how it could turn out, politically, or with the different characters. You know, you can hand-pick musicians and singers or whatever and put them in a room, and you end up with nothing. But I was so pleased that this worked so well."

One notices immediately the differences built into the songs, most notably Mr. Crowley. "Yeah, but I think they all are, in their way. If you analyze them and listen closely, they've all changed quite a bit. There are old parts that aren't in there, and there are new parts put in. We didn't want to re-create what we had from the original albums. What we wanted was just new versions of the songs on how we thought we'd like them to sound."

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